Advice at the police station – where can we help you?

Police Station Locations

When you are arrested you have the right to free representation from a legal aid criminal lawyer. All police stations have an on-call duty solicitor, however to make sure you receive the best possible legal advice, it’s important to inform the police that you want to contact Purcell Parker. One of our experienced team of 24 hour solicitors can be contacted whenever you need us in the following locations:

Criminal law lawyers in Birmingham

As one of the top law firms in Birmingham city centre, with offices just steps from the Magistrate’s Court, we are well placed to provide a quick and efficient service to people who have been arrested in Birmingham city centre. However, if you have been arrested and taken to a police station outside the city centre, we can represent you here too.

Free legal advice in Coventry

If you find yourself in custody at Coventry Central Police Station or another police station in the Coventry area, our team of 24 hour criminal solicitors are able to travel to you at short notice to give you free, expert advice that will lead to the best outcome in the circumstances of your arrest.

Advice for those under arrest in Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa is another area covered by the 24-hour solicitors at Purcell Parker. If you are being held in custody at Leamington Spa Police Station, make sure you tell the duty officer that you would like to get in touch with Purcell Parker for free representation at your interview under caution.

Legal aid at the police station in Stafford

The criminal defence solicitors at Purcell Parker regularly visit Stafford Police Station and other police stations in the Staffordshire area to provide free, high quality legal representation for individuals who are being held in custody in connection with an offence.

24 hour solicitors in Worcester

If you are in urgent need of a criminal defence lawyer in Worcester, our 24 hour solicitors are on hand to give you advice and free legal representation at Worcester Police Station. Make sure you tell the duty officer that you would like to be represented by Purcell Parker.

Criminal defence solicitors in Wolverhampton

If you’ve been arrested and are being held in a custody suite in Wolverhampton, you can contact Purcell Parker for speedy and effective free legal advice while you are being held in the police station.

Beyond the police station

If circumstances allow, the defence solicitors at Purcell Parker will ensure you are able to leave the police station with no further action to be taken against you. If this is not possible, we can continue to provide legal aid representation where appropriate. Otherwise, we may be able to provide you with a competitive fixed-fee quote for any further legal representation you may need. Contact us from the police station or for free initial advice about voluntary interviews and other aspects of legal aid on 0121 236 9781.  

If the police want to interview in connection with a crime by placing you under arrest or on a voluntary basis, you are entitled to free legal representation at your first interview. For an experienced expert on your side, contact Purcell Parker.