Motoring offences

Driving without due care and attention: a guide

The issue of driving without due care and attention has been making headlines thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh’s unfortunate accident in which his Range Rover was involved in a collision with another vehicle containing two women and a baby near the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Police investigations into what caused the crash are still ongoing at the time of writing; however several media reports have suggested that Prince Philip could be charged with the motoring offence of driving without due care and.

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Avoiding a driving ban

The first question we hear from clients who have been accused of a motoring offence such as speeding or drink driving is ‘will I lose my licence?’ Every case we deal with is different, so there is rarely a short or straightforward answer to that question. However, the experienced motoring solicitors at Purcell Parker have a proven track record in securing the best possible outcome for our clients who have been accused of motoring offences, including where appropriate, avoiding a driving ban..

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Your legal guide: Motoring offences and their penalties

A motoring offence is by far the most common reason for usually law-abiding people to find themselves falling foul of the law. Of these offences around 70% are related to speeding. The possible consequences of a motoring offence varies hugely according to how serious the allegation in question is. With our excellent track record in successfully defending clients in all aspects of road traffic law, the specialist solicitors at Purcell Parker will use their expertise to secure the best possible outcome for.

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